You Are Here

Julia Klatt Singer



He loves maps. Draws his way down roads

through mountains passes, cross deep ravines.


Colors his world in greens and grays.  Labels

each kingdom after an animal, after the weather.


You are here, he says.  Places me in a lush valley,

gives me a river, a southern view.  Squirrels


To the north of me, ravens to the east &

To the west, untamable desires.


In his world, there is no death, no hunger

no grief, no need. 


In my world, I watch the yellow leaves carpet

the ground, circle the trunk they’ve fallen from.


If I could steal their beauty, their unknowing

Effortless beauty, if I could wear summer on my back


and in my veins carry all the love I need to fall like this;

if I could fall like this, blanket the ground in gold


be the wind that stirs your heart, be the bend

in the horizon you’ve always wanted to reach,


be the sun you cup in your bare hands.